Mira Keienburg

Consultancy for Possibilities

Since 2018 I am using the tools of Access Consciousness® and Talk To The Entities® in my consultancy. On this page I introduce both set of tools.

I offer sessions and classes for you to unlock the magic of possibilities in all areas of your life, if you would like to change them. My target is to give you the tools to create those changes for yourself, so you can use them every day at home and in any situation.

Can change be easy for you?

In my consultancy for possibilities I will not give you an answer of what you should do or should not do. Instead I offer you a space to ask you questions, without there being a right or wrong answer. This way you can follow your own awareness, which choice will create what possibilities in your life, and in which direction you would like to go. Additionally we also clear energetic patterns that still keep you in your current situation and do not allow you to have ease with creating changing.

How do the Access Consciousness® tools work?

There are many different tools in Access: some of them are energetic body processes, like Access Bars®, and others are being used verbally and therefore less easy to grasp.

The main verbal tool is the Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement. It is a phrase that sounds completely crazy to your logical mind. Therefore it is able to create change in all deeper energetical layers that you cannot access cognitively.

In general, many of the Access tools function with asking a question and getting an awareness (not an answer or conclusion!), and acknowledging that you actually know things for you (even if you do not think you do).

If you are curious about what can be changed with the Access tools, have a look at my recommendations. You can find books, clearing audios and class recordings there.

What is Talk To The Entities®?

Talk To The Entities® is an Access Consciousness® specialty, which was founded by Shannon O’Hara.

Did you know it is far more normal for people to perceive beings without bodies? Most of us just do not get the education in how to deal with our perception, how our perception shows up and how to easily handle it.

The Talk To The Entities® tools exist so people can have clarity and ease with everything connected to the spirit world. The four principals are clearing, communicating, receiving and cooperating.

If you would llike to learn the tools, here are several classes I facilitate: